Specializing in the self help, wellness, human services and faith based industries; Shanshera is here to help you transform your business with words that sell.

“Magician of the written word”

shanshera quinnKnown for her uncanny ability to listen, attract, connect and inspire, Shanshera has a track record for motivating people to act. Often presenting information verbally and in writing, she has been lovingly referred to as the magician of the written word.

Shanshera always had a love of writing and felt it came natural to her as a way of communicating.  In fact, even in grade school, she discovered that whenever she wrote something, people responded.  Whether it was a letter to her parents for an unusual or expensive gift, a note to a teacher asking for assistance or an essay written to an organization requesting scholarships, the response tended to always land in her favor.

Before ever realizing what copywriting was, Shanshera capitalized on her persuasive writing skills to open doors to careers, gain leniency for her clients in hearings and to gain the buy-in of hundreds of people to take her ideas, visions and programs and run with them. Although, she always considered writing her natural way of communicating and connecting with people, other than writing books, she never saw this as a possible career path.

Instead, she focused on people. She learned absolutely everything she could about them. She could never get enough of learning why people behaved the way they do. She was always asking the question “why”, which led to her career in counseling. Spending over 7 years providing guidance and counseling to adolescents, families and the professionals who interacted with them, she learned a great deal about the power of influence and how to use it to get people to actin their own best interest.

After a few years in that role, she began to excel so much so that she was seen as a star among colleagues. Therefore, it is no coincidence that soon after, Shanshera found herself in a leadership role, serving as the supervisor of 130 school counselors and overseeing 46 middle school guidance programs. She quickly discovered that she had to become even more of a saleswoman, relying on her persuasive writing as well as speaking skills more than ever.

Eventually, she began to miss encouraging others directly and decided to pursue yet another certification. While studying in the coaching program and totally by the divine will of God, she ended up re-writing the sales copy for the Christian Coaching Program, to include several landing pages and sales pages on products and programs the business was offering. Shanshera was happy to oblige as it brings her great joy to see small businesses succeed, especially heart centered ones.

Even though at the time, Shanshera didn’t know she was writing sales copy, she knew her objective was to grab the attention of her readers, establish a connection and then get them to invest by connecting their need to this priceless service being offered. The results from those writing assignments spoke for themselves. Hence, Shanshera, the copywriter was born. She then landed the role of in-house copywriter and marketing strategist for this entrepreneur and after just a few months writing sales copy, through word of mouth alone, Shanshera found herself with more copywriting assignments than she had time for.

During the course of these assignments, Shanshera realized that most small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs had a gold mine of products, services and programs that could transform the lives of their ideal clients if they could just get it in their hands. However, they were often having trouble connecting with their ideal clients where they were, communicating the value of their services and products in their marketing message and inspiring them to take action. This is where Shanshera felt that her professional background in persuasive psychologyalong with her natural writing ability could truly help them.

She quickly discovered that combined with the right list, the right content and then the right words in the sales copy, entrepreneurs can not only make sales but they can sell their products, services and programs 24 hours a day, even while they slept.

This was not about tricking or manipulating people, it was about deeply connecting with them, helping them see the benefits of that particular product, service or program and the impact it could have on their lives, which is why Shanshera only accepts copy assignments when she can believe in the message and even take ownership of it temporarily.

Being a natural born listener, (hence her history in counseling), Shanshera has a way of tuning in to your ideal client, connecting with them on an authentic level and then motivating them to act. In just 3 years, she has written stellar copy for landing pages, websites, sales letters and even bio-packages resulting in increased sales for her clients. Entrepreneurs even call her up just to run an idea by her for marketing strategy, content packaging or re-purposing of content ideas.

With over 20 years in the fields of psychology, particularly working with girls and women, and all facets of leadership combined with her natural talent of writing persuasively, Shanshera has been known to get the job done. And as you can see, she’s also committed to the things she does.

She holds a Masters degree in counseling, a Bachelors degree in Psychology and has received extensive training in Leadership. Always the consummate student, she is currently being personally mentored by one of the most successful online copywriters and business owners around today.

Shanshera lives in the Tampa Bay area with her husband, son and dog Snoopy.  Her beautiful daughter is out on her own attending college. And when she is not selling ideas, products or services or hanging out with her awesome family, she is reading, reading and reading some more.

shanshera and family